what we love wednesday: fall


Happy October! It’s officially fall and while we might live in a place where the leaves don’t turn orange, yellow or red, that hasn’t stopped us from getting in the fall spirit! Like every other girl in this world, we just can’t get enough of big sweaters, tea drinking and pumpkin flavored, well… anything.

Although this won’t be the type of fall we’re used to, we are still looking forward to seeing what this west coast fall is all about! Below are some of things we’re looking forward to and love about this magical season.


When it comes to fall fashion we’re both a fan of layering. From sweaters and chambray shirts to scarves and jackets- layering is the perfect way to ditch your boring, oversized coat and stay warm while still showing off your fashionable side.

College football/Homecoming weekend

We couldn’t talk fall without mentioning college football! But let’s be honest- we don’t care that much about the actual sport (unless our team is doing well), we are just thankful that homecoming weekend exists because of it. Both of us will be present in our college towns on October 26th to cheer on the Tigers and the Buffs. Let us tell ya, we could not be more excited for the much anticipated reunion with our college friends and the towns that hold such big spots in our hearts.

Season Premieres

We’ll admit it- we’re far too addicted to television but with shows like Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, Suits, The Voice and Revenge, how can you not be?

Pumpkin Flavors

We know twitter and instagram are on pumpkin spice overload and as much as we hate to follow the crowd, we’re right there with them. Some of our favorites? Pumpkin overnight oats (recipe to come),  pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice M&M’s (ya, they’re real, and they’re amazing.) pumpkin flavored fro yo, and pumpkin pie.

Fall Weather

From driving with your windows down (heat on, tunes blaring), to sleeping with the windows open, we LOVE fall weather for more reasons than just lowering our A/C bill.


For two girls who aren’t the biggest fans of heels, boots are the perfect way to dress up while still being comfortable!


Its apple season! If you live in St. Louis and find yourself at Eckert’s anytime soon, send some of those apples our way. Haydon’s fave is Fuji and Molly loves pink lady!


Those are just a few things we love and are looking forward to this fall. Comment your favorite things- we’d love to hear them, maybe even find some more of our own? And look for pumpkin recipes coming your way soon.


molly and haydon

Make it Monday: Quick Ways to Decorate Your Space

One thing we love is decorating, the only problem is that we live on a nonexistent decorating budget, in a temporary apartment. In order to make our house feel more like a home…we’ve discovered the art of framing. From cards, to shopping bags to homemade prints or ones found on Pinterest, you can quickly turn a piece of paper into a piece of art for your home.


All you need is a frame and a print! You can find perfect frames almost anywhere, target, hobby lobby or our favorite –  a second hand shop (try goodwill)! If you don’t like the color of the frame, spray paint is a super easy way to make your frame look fab.


Here are a few frames that can be found adorning the walls of our apartment. While this post isn’t necessarily a hard DIY, we hope it helps you add a little inspiration to your space.


taste it tuesday: quinoa stuffed peppers

Lately our crazy schedules have had us eating meals in our cars, working out at 10 PM and in line at Starbucks before sunrise. Sunday, we had the day to ourselves and decided a healthy, home-cooked meal was not only what we wanted, it was necessary. With prep and cook-time this meal only took us about 45 minutes… well an  hour if you factor in food photo shoot time.


What you’ll need…

4 peppers (we did red and green!)

1  red onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 can of yellow corn

1 can of black beans

1/4 cup tomato sauce (optional)

1/2 cup chicken broth


2 turkey burgers (or ground turkey)

1 cup rainbow quinoa


ground cumin

chili powder

shredded cheese



1. Preheat the oven to 375. Follow the instructions to properly cook the quinoa. Let it cook while you’re making everything else.

2. Chop 1/2 of the onion and the garlic cloves and put in a pan over medium heat.

3. Slice a few bunches of cilantro and add it to the onion and garlic mixture. Cook until you can smell the onions.

4. Add can of black beans and corn to the same pan. make sure to not let the mixture burn. you do not need to cook it long, just so the corn is a bit roasted.

5. Add spices (to taste) to the veggie mixture.

6. Chop up 2 frozen turkey burgers (or ground turkey) and cook over medium heat on the stove.

7. Cut in a circular motion around the stem of the pepper and remove then slice down the center and wash out all the seeds. Place all the peppers in a cooking pan or baking sheet.

8. Once everything on the stove is done, mix the turkey, veggies and quinoa together in a bowl and add salt and pepper to taste.

9. Add  tomato sauce and the chicken broth.

10. Fill each pepper with the mixture and cover with aluminum foil.

11. Bake the peppers in the oven at 375 for 20 – 30 mins.

12. Add shredded cheese to each pepper, letting the heat melt the cheese

13. add avocado and enjoy!!


what we love wednesday

Happy September! If you’re like us, you’re probably feeling a little burnt out on all those summer hits and ready (and probably in serious need) of some new tunes. To help you out we decided to each pick 5 songs that we’re loving right now + a few honorable mentions. Enjoy!


Haydon’s Picks:

Burn- Ellie Goulding

Every time I listen to this song I feel like I could run a marathon in 3 hours flat… which could come from the fact that my drive cardio instructor blasts it when we’re doing treadmill intervals, but whatever. This song will turn any workout into full blast and make you feel invincible.

On Top of the World- Imagine Dragons

If I want to turn my bad mood into a good one, this is the song I turn to. It’s the perfect thing to listen to on my way to work if I’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed or just feel like bumping to something happy. Best way to listen to this song? Good weather, windows down, cruising down a scenic route.

Schoolin Life- Beyonce

Semi-oldy but always a goody. My favorite song to listen to when getting ready for a night out. While the tune is catchy, the lyrics are my favorite part, “At 14 they asked me what I wanna be, I said ‘Baby 21, so I’d get me a drink.’” While Beyonce may be the Queen, she isn’t an angel- which makes her that much more perfect in my book J

Starting Over- Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis

Thanks to my roommates, Molls and Mary, I am a newly obsessed Mackelmore fan. While this is definitely the downer of my song choices, it’s one of my favorite Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis songs. It’s honest, real and shows off their unbelievable talent.  Haven’t downloaded The Heist? I suggest the entire album.

Roar- Katy Perry

I couldn’t make a list of songs I love without roaring. I have had a love for Katy P for years and still blast “Firework” like it came out yesterday so you can imagine how many times our apartment has had to hear “Roar” in the past few weeks. It’ll make you want to go after everything you’ve ever wanted in life and more! Ok maybe that’s just me but I love it and its perfect if you’re looking for a little life motivation, or just a perfect pre-game song.


Molly’s Picks:

Million Dollar Bills – Lorde

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this super hip, 16 year old New Zealander or at the very least you have heard her new hit ‘Royals’. Well, this jam is just as catchy. Her unique pop sound, with a variety of beats and rap-like flow make you want to get up and dance. Perfect for if you’re getting ready, driving or on a run.

Friday Night – Eric Paslay

Even though we’re on the West Coast, I still love and appreciate a good, catchy country song. This song takes me back to Missouri summers riding 4-wheelers through corn fields and hanging out in the back of pick up trucks .

Let’s Go – Matt & Kim

You know those songs that just make you think, ‘I LOVE LIFE’?  Well, this song does just that. Matt’s enthusiasm is contagious and induces that feeling the second the song starts playing. Listen to it asap, because why wouldn’t you want to feel like that?

Alive – Krewella

Although we may prefer to stay in and watch ‘The Newsroom’ on a Friday night, this song helps remind us that we are, indeed, young and alive. As soon as we hear a few beats of this song we can be easily persuaded to venture into West Hollywood and ‘feel alive’.

Boomerang – The Summer Set

It’s catchy, fun and it takes me back to those awkward 7th grade years where I used to jam out to Good Charlotte and Blink 182 on my boom box.


Honorable Mentions:

Best I Ever Had – Gavin DeGraw

Take You Higher – Goodwill and Hook N Sling

Wake Me Up – Avicii

Lua – Bright Eyes

Where we’ve been

Oops…so sorry we’ve been a little MIA, we promise its only because we’ve been super busy savoring the last few weeks of summer. Two weeks ago, I (Molly) was lucky enough to take a little trip back to the good ole Midwest for our good friend Laura’s wedding. Although the plan was to go home just for the wedding weekend, I ended up extending my stay for 10 days. I know sometimes too much writing gets a bit boring, so here are some photos to help share the highlights of my trip.


{spending lots of time playing with this perfect little man}

{spent lots of time playing with this perfect little man}

{celebrating the marriage of Laura + Zach at their fairytale outdoor wedding}

{celebrating the marriage of Laura + Zach at their fairytale outdoor wedding}


{selling flowers at the Kirkwood Farmers Market with my mom}

{selling flowers at the Kirkwood Farmers Market with my mom}


{spent lots of time relaxing in the backyard my mom has converted into her own botanical garden}

{spent lots of time relaxing in the backyard my mom has converted into her own botanical garden}

{took a quick road trip to Indy to visit Caley}

{took a quick road trip to Indy to visit Caley}

{took a trip to Columbia to help this lady celebrate turning 21}

{took a trip to Columbia to help this lady celebrate turning 21}


Pinky promise we’ll start regularly posting again, right after Haydon does a little recap about her latest adventure.


make it monday: gold & ombre brick bookends

Recently, I (Molly) have been working with the team over at The Effortless Chic on their DIY posts. Last week, I teamed up with photographer Jamie Lied and The Effortless Chic’s editorial assistant, Blair, to create these awesome, one of a kind book ends. Check out the step-by-step instructions here!


what we love wednesday



It’s that time again, the start of the school year, or for those of us who are no longer in school- the inevitable feeling of nostalgia is creeping in. Both of us have been a bit emotional about this whole “growing up and college being over” thing. While its been over a year since Molly graduated from CU, and a few months since Haydon graduated from Mizzou, the back to school Instagrams, Tweets and Facebook posts have made us shed a few tears. We both went to big state schools, in typical college towns, which, when paired with our experiences in greek life, made for some pretty amazing memories. We decided that this week, if only just to help us relive our experiences, we would share with you the top 20 reasons why we loved those precious 4 years, so, so much.

1. You can sleep through class, but you can’t sleep through work.

2. Student Charge.

3. Game Days.

4. Greek life and everything that comes with it: bid day, frat formals, date and theme parties.

5. You won’t be judged for ordering delivery at 10 AM or 10 PM.

6. Sunday/Monday Funday, Tuesday Boozeday, Wasted Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, The Weekend….

7. Night before recaps over brunch with all your friends in one place.

8. For the most part, all your friends are in the same stage in life. Now, everyone lives across the country- some are married, some are having kids and some, much like us, are single and sharing a bedroom.

9. Snow Days.

10. Living within walking distance of EVERYONE.

11. Summer vacation/Winter Break/Spring Break.

12. Free gym membership.

13. That idyllic feeling of being on a college campus.

14. The ability to go to happy hour every single day.

15. Sober rides.

16. Hangovers, for one reason or another, were not nearly as bad. Class is bearable hungover, work is a different story.

17. Drink Specials. Really cheap drink specials.

18. Access to a plethora of other girls closets.

19. Daily naps. These aren’t acceptable in the office.

20. Everyone in the dorm has a twin bed, everyone in the real world does not… except us.

While it might seem like we think college is the best years of our lives, know that we’re just being dramatic (kinda) and post grad life doesn’t actually suck…. that much. But really, we are happy and we know that many great things lie ahead, we’re just not ready to get over college just yet.

make it monday: letter loving


So, if you’re into crafting, or if you’re from the midwest and you’ve had to make a million shot book pages, you know that Hobby Lobby is the mecca of all craft stores. They have every type of supply you could ever need, plus a lot you never knew you needed. Unfortunately for Molly, the closest Hobby Lobby to LA is about an hour east in Upland, CA – yeah, we don’t know what that means either. Last Saturday we, along with our friend Blair, decided it was necessary to take the journey to our beloved craft store. While there, we picked up all of the supplies needed for this fun, homey, wall decor. Since we are renters and can’t put too many holes in our wall we chose to string the letters using little hooks. There’s also the option of hanging them individually, sans string.



1. First we made the glitter letters. If you’re not using glitter, skip this step. If you are, make sure to do one letter at a time, and beware, glitter gets EVERYWHERE. Use the spray adhesive to completely cover the letter, wait for a few minutes and cover the letter completely with glitter. Once you have finished all of the letters spray them all with one more layer of adhesive spray just to make sure the glitter sticks.


2. Next we used the paper to cover the remaining letters. The letters we used had little rivets on the edges so it was a little bit more difficult to cover them. If you can avoid these types of letters, do. Using modge podge and different size paper slices, cover the letter with the paper. Don’t worry about using too much modge podge, it will dry clear.


3. Once you have covered all of the letters with paper, spray a layer of adhesive over them just to ensure all the paper stays on.

4. Next, we used a power drill to drill holes in the top of each letter where we could screw in the hook.


5. Finally, we strung the burlap string through the hooks, tying a knot on top of each hook to keep the letters in place.

6. Voila, time to hang on the wall!

what we love wednesday

This week we decided we would share some articles we’ve read and loved recently. Well, actually, Molly reads them out loud as the other roomies sit and listen intently. Do yourself a favor and spend 1/2 an hour less on facebook or pinterest and take the time to read these, they’re worth it.

The Innovation of Loneliness A little technical but a very interesting perspective on how dependent we are on social media – we know, a strange recommendation, from us, two totally socially media obsessed girls.

Olivia Wilde on Turning 30 Thankfully, we still have a few great years ahead of us before we have to think about turning 30, but still a great read. Oh, and she (Olivia Wilde) dined in the restaurant Mary (our roomie) works at last night, and she informed us that she is just as beautiful in person.

Reframe Your Perspective Remember that article you saw everywhere last year? It began with “This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often”. Well heres a little insight into why and how this wonderful manifesto was written.

When You Think Your Love Story is Boring As much as we love The Notebook and The Holiday, we know that these types of movies give us unrealistic expectations of what a love story really looks like. This is a refreshing view on how the little, everyday things are often times the most beautiful and heartfelt.

birthday recap as told by haydon

Like our bio says, our blog will contain the occasional life update for our friends and family back home- mainly my grandmother who I don’t call enough (Hi Gammom!). But I (Haydon) have been feeling a lot of love from all over the country the past few days and wanted to say thank you to the people who made turning 23 one for the books.


Saturday we started the celebration with our newfound midwest crew at The Den in Hollywood. The night included bonding with new friends, group sing-a-longs to “Wagon Wheel” and of course, too many drinks to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of me being 21.

We cured our Sunday hangovers with brunch at Moe’s- known for their magician that entertains guests as they enjoy excellent food and bottomless mimosas. After realizing that the entire table was staring at their iPhone’s we decided to play the phone game, something I think every group of friends needs to adopt: all the phones must be put in the middle of the table and whoever touches theirs first has to buy everyone’s breakfast. With the thought of picking up a tab for 7 people, everyone was successful (kinda…)


Even though I had to go to work on Monday, I woke up bright and early to a decorated kitchen with presents from Molly (love you, Molls!) Work consisted of a flower delivery (Dad’s are the best!) and a cake from my coworkers. The midwest crew + my work bestie all met at Blue Plate Taco in Santa Monica for dinner. While the service wasn’t the best, the food was delish and the company was even better. My roommates brought a donut cake and sang to me in the middle of the restaurant, which those of you who know me can only imagine how bright red my face was. Post dinner I opened packages and cards from my family who did more than enough to make sure that I had a great birthday, minus their presence.


Overall, my first day as a 23 year old was a fabulous one. To my friends on the west coast who celebrated with me- thank you, I appreciate and love you guys more than you know. And to my friends and family back home who sent texts, calls and packages, I miss you all more and more each day and can’t thank you enough for making me feel so special even when we’re hundreds of miles apart. Cheers!